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International Straw Bale Building Registry, created and hosted by Sustainable Sources

IMPORTANT! We are currently working on an update to this Registry. To be notified when it is ready for use, please sign up at

Contact Name:Jim Reiland and Joy Rogalla
 Jacksonville, OR 97530
 United States
Structure Location:  
 Jacksonville, OR 95730
 United States

Type of Structure: Non-Loadbearing homeworkshop
interior size: 1000 sq ft
exterior size: 1200 sq ft
unconditioned space size: 1800 sq ft
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2
Built primarily by: Owner Built

Open to organized Home Tours and to visitors by appointment.

Subcontractors: David Kennedy, Applegate Plumbing, Jacksonville, OR

Foundations and Floor: Insulated concrete form 800 square foot walk-out basement below 1000 square foot SB first floor. ICF on cement footings, cement slab.
Exterior Finish:
    Lime Plaster
    two coats earth plus lime finish
Interior Finish:
    Earth or clay plaster
Plaster was applied:
    Directly to the bales
Plaster application method:
    By hand, with trowels
Bale type:
Bale dimensions: 14 inches X 23 inches X 42 inches
Number of bales used: 200
Straw type(s) used:
Bale Orientation:
    Strings up (flat)

Insured?: yes
Mortgaged?: yes

Unique features: Passive solar rectangular structure with back-up radiant floor and wood stove; 3' overhangs; two-coats earth plaster plus lime plaster finish; R-50+ ceiling insulation; skylights for day lighting, three window seats, cement board soffits (wild fire resistant); bales pinned to support posts.

Problems encountered: none yet!

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